Friday, January 27, 2017

Commas, Why Do I Love You So? #BlogChallenge #MFRWauthor #Writing

I happen to love commas. I love to put them in wherever I pause while talking.

Now, where the grammar people pause and where I pause seem to be in different places.

Here is where the problem starts. How we talk and how we write are different.

I am reminded of this every time I start editing my manuscripts.
To remind myself of the common mistakes when using commas I take some reminder tests like this one.

Test like this can help remind me where I should and shouldn't put a comma.

So even though, I love you comma.  You can't be in every sentence.

Hope you enjoy the blog challenge and visit some of the other sites listed.



Maureen said...

Nothing wrong with loving a comma or two...until my editor gets her hands on it ;)

Helen Henderson said...

I love commas also. They like to hang around the introductory phrases I can't stop from sneaking in.

Trevann said...

Ah, a kindred spirit! I think the comma needs its own marketing plan to remind the writing public of it's merits!

Shari Elder said...

I heap on commas, as a way to manage my run on sentences. I can then return and figure out which work, and where new sentences are required. Enjoy the hop.

Linda McLaughlin said...

LOL, writers and editors can never seem to agree on commas, can they? I like them, too, and sometimes get carried away.

Adriana said...

Oh, yes! (hoping that comma was correct :) ). Hubs and I write so fast the comma might land several words away from where it was supposed to be in the first draft - then we have to find them and figure out where they belong. Always tedious.