Friday, June 2, 2017

Tainted Rose Nominate on #KindleScout and Receive #Free Ebook #RomanticSuspense

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Blurb for Tainted Rose

Maybelline Beasley enjoys her life in the Silver Leaf 55+ community until her neighbor is murdered. With all eyes point at her as the prime suspect, she struggles with her fear of cops and her attraction to Detective Billy Bob Cooter. Can he save her from the real murderer who’s looking for an escape goat? Or will her second change at love come to an end by a killer’s gun?


Glancing at the clock on her dashboard, seven-eighteen, she figured Rose would be inside her house by now. The urge to glance at her neighbor’s roof had Maybelline staring up ahead. A motionless mass lying on the shingles caused her heart to jump to her throat. She narrowed her focus to the fluffy pink housecoat and caught sight of white, spinally legs. “God, Rose, don’t tell me you’ve gone and done something stupid.”She spun her car into her driveway, slammed on the brake, threw it into park, and cut the engine. Quickly jumping out, she ran to the end of her driveway and yelled, “Rose, are you okay?”The woman didn’t move.Maybelline’s heart dropped, and tears clouded her vision. A bolt of adrenaline demanded action.
“Aw, shit, don’t make me do this. I hate having to call the police.”  Read 1st Chapter of all of Tina’s books at Thanks everyone for your support,

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