Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Book Hook with #MFRWauthor Where Do #Authors Find #Inspiration?

Each writer is different in how they develop their story. Some find inspiration in their own struggles or in the heartaches of friends and family.

Here is a list of ideas of how to spark a new idea for a story.

  • talk to people and hear their stories. As Mark Twain said everyone has a story. An author can use bit and pieces of stories they have heard to create the back story for a character.
  • Watch television - the stories are endless but they may not be exactly what an author is looking for but can be a guideline as to what certain age groups are looking for in their entertainment needs.
  • Sports - if an author is looking to create a story about a certain sports group this might be an area to look into.
  • Research history - a historical writer might do research on a certain character in history and find a story to weave about the same time period.
  • The news - this is real people facing real problems. What better way to discover an interesting story.
  •  Travel - visiting new places can spark ideas about different places and cultures that might help create a new world in which a character can live.
As you can see ideas and inspiration for authors can come from a number of places.

For me, I enjoy sitting down and seeing my characters in different scenes in my head.

  • How do they react?
  • What are they feeling?
  • What is happen and what do I want to happen?
  • Is this an interesting scene or do I find myself getting bored?
  • Where is the scene? Should I change the location to up the tension?
  • Who else is in the scene?
Each scene can have a number of variables, playing with these can add to the story and create a great read.

Below are other authors in the #MFRWauthor group, check out there stories  or share what inspires you as an author to write. Just leave a comment and share your latest, release.



thecreative corners said...

Miguelina Perez

I am inspired by the stories being born in my head.

The Vicars Deadly Sin

Lady Jane Bartholomew and Miss Margaret Renard have been friends since the age of twelve. Together they share their dreams, hopes and love for reading. However, it is their wild imagination and a love for solving mysteries that would test their sleuthing abilities when the Vicar of Dover is found murdered.

The young ladies are joined by two gentlemen, also eager to find the murderer in order to prove to the ladies that detecting is a man’s job, though the gentlemen find their beauty, wit, and pride more troublesome than solving a murder.

The Vicar’s Deadly Sin is a delightful and witting Regency romance mystery about two friends and their love for solving crimes, while keeping society and its rules at bay…

Karla Brandenburg said...

Great post, Tina. I feel like Schoolhouse Rock when I say I'm inspired by "a noun - Quite interesting, a noun's a person, place or thing." I'm most inspired by places, but as outlined in your post, my latest book was inspired by a movie I can't even remember the title of. One of the subplots in THE MIRROR, my new release, is about someone who dies in a car accident, and his spirit lingers on in mirrors. In some of my other books, it might be a setting, a particularly interesting looking house, or the inspiration for one of my books was twofold, a walk through a French Market (farmer's market) coupled with a fairy tale - The Shoemaker and the Elves. Odd combination, but inspiration comes from a variety of sources!

Tina Gayle said...

Miguelina and Karla,

I enjoy hearing how people get their inspiration. It is so unique to each person and always is a interesting to hear about.

Thanks for commenting,


Cailin Briste said...

A picture will often give me a story idea. But often a character introduces himself to me, and his story grows from there.

Neil Plakcy said...

My college alumni magazine featured an alumna who had started a business selling tea blends customized to work with cocktails. I thought that was such a cool idea that I used it as the backdrop for my newest M/M romance, Love on the Boil.

What if the one who got away came back—and you had to work together to achieve your dreams? Eddie Gonzalez and Darren Carter had a hot college romance, derailed when they graduated and went in different directions. But now they’re both on South Beach, both trying to start gourmet tea businesses. A venture capitalist forces them to collaborate—but will their venture go up in flames just as it’s heating up?

Tina Gayle said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I enjoy here what inspires authors.