Monday, July 31, 2017

Where are You in the Process of Writing Your Book? #MFRWauthor

Every author needs to think about where they are in the journey to getting their book published.

Some like to enjoy the writing process without thinking about the venture ahead.

Others have already jumped into the pool of getting their name out to the world.

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Where are you?

* Are you writing the book? – There are steps you can take right now to get your name out there. (They are listed here but I will cover them in more detail below.) The world can learn about you right now– therefore making it easier when you release your book.

• Set up a blog

• Get your website domain name and set up your website.

• Join writing groups.

• Join social networking sites.

* The book is written and you’re ready to roll. Fork in the Road Already – Understand the benefits and drawbacks of choosing to either follow the traditional route or self-publishing road. (Special note – promoting yourself as an author and your book is still your responsibility no matter which option you chose.)

This is no easy decision and an author should check into both before making a decision.

Hope this helps,



Kathy Steinemann said...

Thanks for sharing, Tina.

Another tip: Join appropriate online forums and ensure that your signature includes a link to your website.

Diane Burton said...

Good advice, ladies. Be active on social groups, sharing interests and advice--just not "buy my book" all the time.

Tina Gayle said...

Thanks ladies for the comments. I agree with both of you. Just keep active in the social world and you'll get attention.

Louise Wise said...

Also, help others and they return the favour! :)