Friday, March 2, 2018

A #NewRelease - Colliding with You and Huge #Giveaway #Romance

New Release - Colliding with You by Kelli McCracken

On Sale for 99cents

For a limited time on sale and free with Kindle Unlimited
When Jesse Woods reconnects with Cori Clarke at her sister's wedding, he's tempted to seduce her in the quickest way possible. After a turn of events causes a chain reaction that places her in a dire situation, he vows to make things right. Now that she is his responsibility, he is in an awkward position. Being together dredges up old feelings. The ones Jesse has tried to forget. The ones Cori is just discovering.
Colliding with You by Kelli McCracken
PRICE: 99c (normal price $2.99)

Art of the Arcane

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