Monday, March 5, 2018

The Amazing Creatures of Borrego Springs #Travel #SouthernCal #ArtWork

Have you ever heard of Borrego Springs. It sounds like a wonderful place full of rivers and streams with margaritas.

It truth, it is a small town tuck in between mountains in southern California. There is not easy way to get there but it is an interesting place to go.

Always out for adventure and a round of golf, my husband and I set off to discover a few new courses.  We played at 2 courses.

Ram Hill -

Borrego Springs -

Both offered a challenge.

The surprising thing about Borrego Springs was the artwork on display in the amazing desert that encompass the small undiscovered town.

These life size sculptures are an unique glimpse into another world. Can you image what life might have been for these amazing creatures? Does the Jurassic Park come to mind?

Borroga Springs 018 Borroga Springs 016 All of the metal sculptures are life size and give explores a glimpse into another world. This  amazing artwork transforms process of enjoying art into an adventure into the animal world.

And yes, they are as big as they appear.

Borroga Springs 017

Perhaps, this may not be a place that everyone  might want to go, but the views of the mountains and the fun creatures makes for me one of the most unique places I've ever been. 

So if you are seeking and adventure off the beaten path, enjoy hiking, golf, and a wild kingdom of wildlife made of metal - Borrego Springs might be an place to visit.

Here's to exploring the world,


Enjoying Mike and Tina's Excellent Adventure.

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