Thursday, April 19, 2018

The True Pain of #War by @AuthorTinaGayle #Soldiers #Vets

On a lonely bluff located near a grove of trees is a sight that touches one’s heart and leaves it bleeding. A cemetery is a place of remembrance and a final resting place for those we have loved, respected, and have lost. This particular one reminds us all of the pains of war. As a Civil War Cemetery, it has graves of soldiers who died while fighting. Yet, the vast majority of men buried here have only UNKNOWN on their headstone.

The sheer heartache of seeing these markers is a cruel reminder of the misery that their families suffered when losing a son on the battlefields. Their relatives never knew what happened to them. Where they were buried or how exactly they died.

Can you image sending your son off to fight and never having him come home? His wife not being able to mourn over his grave. His kids having to responses to questions as to where their father might be with, “He went off to fight and never returned. We don’t know what happened to him.”

The pain of not knowing is a crushing burden to have to deal with. This is why war of any kind is so crushing for us. No matter which side a person might fight in a conflict. Their family walks with them onto the battlefield, praying that no matter whether they are victorious or not they will return home.

This is one of the reason people from the south want to hold onto their civil war monuments. Not as a symbol of oppression of a race but as a remembrance of family and friends that were lost. The memorials show the spirit to pay the ultimate price for a cause. Right or wrong, these men’s deaths spread pain across the country that is still being felt when you glance at a soldier’s gravestone that reads. UNKNOWN.

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