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Egg-cerpt for Laura's Lost Love

Laura's Lost Love
Book One of the Heart Junction Series
By Fran Shaff
Sweet Early 20th Century Historical Romance
Print Publisher: Create Space,
ISBN: 9781438264417

Golden Rose Award from Love Romances and More, Recommended Read Award from Fallen Angel Reviews

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When the orphan train arrives in Heart Junction, South Dakota in 1912, Laura Windsor happily greets the little girl she intends to take into her home. Her plans are shattered when Gavin Maitland explains that the orphan train children may be placed with married couples only.

Gavin hates disappointing the lovely Laura, but he has no choice. He is bound to follow the rules of the town council. When he is unable to place Angelina with a willing couple because she is a sickly child, he arranges for Laura to take her in temporarily.

Circumstances surrounding Angelina's care and placement keep Laura and Gavin close enough for each of them to realize that there is much more between them than their concern for a child. But can two people at odds ever join together? Not without breaking conventions, promises and even a few laws.


Laura let her gaze drift around the office. She appreciated the fine look of the large hardwood desk, but she could have done without the stale stench of cigar ashes emanating from the ash tray on Mr. Farah’s desk.

Mr. Maitland’s melodious, deep voice drifted through the open door.

Angelina’s sweet laughter followed the sounds of keys striking paper on a modern typewriter.

Laura relaxed a little knowing that Angelina seemed to be content. She peeked around the frame of the door into the lobby. Mr. Maitland touched Angelina’s cheek and smiled at the child. The man who was about to ruin Laura’s life appeared to be charming the daughter he was ready to destroy. Gavin Maitland was most assuredly two men in one. Charming, handsome, some women might say irresistible with his mass of caramel hair and his hazel-brown eyes. Yet heartless, cruel, uncaring had to be accurate words to describe him if he intended to stop Laura from making Angelina her daughter.

Laura pulled her gaze from the lobby of the train station and leaned against the door jamb. She closed her eyes. He can’t take my daughter from my arms. We need each other.

Mr. Maitland came through the door, nearly brushing his broad chest against Laura’s shoulder. He shut the door and stood inches from Laura, looking down at her.

She stared up at him, studying his eyes, wondering what she had to say or do to convince this sober, unrelenting stickler for the law to bend the rules this one time so she might keep Angelina with her in Heart Junction.

“Shall we sit down?” he asked in a coarse, husky voice.

Laura blinked and gazed up at him a moment longer. Would charm work? Scolding? Intimidation?


Her cheeks burned. She looked away. “Yes, let’s sit.” Just the thought of how far she may or may not go to keep Angelina warmed her whole body.

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