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Egg-cerpt from Lizzie Starr

Blue Keltic Moon

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Duty before love. As much as Branna's heart protested, Gowthaman would have to wiat until she returned with the rescued Alfar-Sindhu prince.

Love before self. Following Breanna into the world between worlds, Gowthaman faced the pains of his past, riskes his intellect, his sanity and his life. For her.

Destiny before all. In the time of the blue Keltic moon.


The opening scenes of the movie flickered on the huge screen and he blinked at the odd, science fiction images. Bree gave half a chuckle. “I love this movie.” Then she leaned close again. “I can’t believe I’ve never made you watch this with me.” The low, sultry tone of her words vibrated through him like a song. A fey angel’s song. Breanna’s song.

He turned his head and bumped her nose with his. She gulped back a gasp but didn’t move away. He could kiss her now, in the movie darkness. But not the kiss he wished to bestow upon her; how could he, when he was undeserving?

Tiny frown lines marked the downturn of her lips as if she knew his thoughts.

“We should...” he started, then cleared his throat of the words hovering there.

“I think a better...” Bree said at the same time.

“Shh.” A wadded napkin landed on Bree’s outstretched arm. Chance’s movements rustled from the overstuffed floor pillows. “You’re the one who said we’ve gotta watch a movie, so be quiet.” He laughed, spoiling his stern reprimand.

“Okay, okay. I’m watching the movie.” Bree rolled her eyes as she sank against the back cushions. She lifted her soda can in a sarcastic salute after Chance focused on the screen. “Brat.”

The interruption had been timely. Unsure exactly what Chance had interrupted, and vaguely angered with the young man, Gowthaman stored his erratic thoughts away and after a quick glance at Bree, determined to watch the movie. No thinking, no action, just mindless drivel to take him away from his concerns.

After all, that was what his Breanna wanted. Wasn’t it?

The distraction worked—for a short while. He even found himself identifying with one of the characters. Until the actors portraying actors arrived on a real space-going ship modeled after the vessel on their television show. Until his hand bumped Bree’s in the popcorn bowl when they both tried to keep the bowl from tipping. Until she twined her fingers with his, moved the bowl and scooted closer, resting their joined hands on her thigh.

Without turning his head, he glanced sideways at her. A tiny smile accented the fullness of her lower lip. The tip of her tongue swiped at a shiny spot of salty butter at the corner of her mouth. Gowthaman clawed the fingers of his free hand into the furniture arm. The aching need to kiss her, to show her his love rumbled deep in his chest. He released a slow breath, the roar of movie battle covering the low sound of his indiscretion.

Perhaps if he did kiss her, he would be able to take control of his wayward emotions. He glanced at her again. Seeming oblivious of his internal struggle, she laughed at the movie actors.

He should kiss her. He would after the movie. One kiss then he could return to his journal and complete the preparations needed to send the mission off successfully. Just one kiss.

After all, that was what his Breanna wanted. Wasn’t it?

*~*romance with a sparkling twist*~*

Blue Keltic Moon

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