Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#WritingTip - Writing Organizations

There are a number of very good writing organizations out there.

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a writer is to join one. They offer a wealth of information to new writers and you meet other people who have traveled down the road you are heading down.

I searched for over a year for the right group and join some that were not what I wanted, but in the end I found the group that helped me.

I can not stress enough how much this can help you, but if for some reason it isn't working for you. It's still important to connect with other writers - take class, go to online chat, join yahoo groups. We all need help along the road to success, find people who can make the road easiler.

Here are a few of the organizations out there.

RWA – Romance Writers of America is one of the largest. It is a national organization with local groups throughout the country. You do not have to be a romance author to join.

EPIC – Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition – is an online community of writers. They hold a conference once a year and offer a contest for e-book authors.

Mystery Writers of America – a group of writers joining together to share ideas about writing mystery.

Horror Writers Association – an organization of horror
writers working to help each other become better writers and foster a better understanding of the genre.


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