Sunday, March 23, 2014

Travel Adventure on Tina's Titillating Teaser - Story by @CBMcKee1

I found out today this little story is on sale on amazon.

Not my usual romance, it's a kid adventure story of traveling to a new land. Well, for Travis it is a new land.

I have to say I enjoyed the short story because I've been to Death Valley and enjoyed the area.

If you're taking a trip there or just want to see some pictures of the place this is a nice story for both kids and adults.

Here's an except -

“I like the idea that we are entering a mystical world made of shifting vapors. Think about it, any object we can imagine might appear.” My father joined forces with my mother.

“Great, then monsters and dragons could live in this new land,” I said, knowing there wasn’t anything of the kind, but gosh, I could hope. “We might actually have a real adventure.”

“Yes, there is a battle to be won, but it will take more than muscles and weapons to defeat this enemy.” My mother smiled at me and then looked over at Sam. “Can you guess what it’ll take?”
A miracle, I thought, so we won’t be bored out of our skulls or if I had a hammer I could put Sam with her pig-tails and pink ribbons, out of my misery. That way at least, we wouldn’t fight.
I knew both ideas were unlikely so I didn’t comment.

Mom didn’t like it when I said anything to remind the family of the true reality of the situation. She called it falling out of “the spirit of the adventure.”

My stupid sister responded instead. “A magic wand, that way we can ask the fairies to help us.”
“I don’t think we packed our magic wands. We’ll have to use something else.” Dad said, “Something we have on our person.”

“A brain,” I grumbled, knowing my ignorant sister wouldn’t know the answer. Her head was full of air.
“Right,” my mother beamed. “We have to have our wits about us.”
“But the cotton clouds don’t look like they can hurt us. They look soft and fluffy, like the stuff in the pillows that grandma made us.” Sam bit her lip.
“Yes, but there are other things that might not be so friendly,” my father said. “Don’t you remember what we read off the internet about Death Valley?”
As of March 23, the story will be on sale for 99cents for a few days. It's a great time to check it out.

Hope you enjoy this story and thanks CB for sharing,


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