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Tina's Titillating Teaser -- Discovering April @mcatherineberg


Gracie Wentworth is back in the fold of Montgomery Group, her uncle’s private investigation firm. Her first assignment is a simple surveillance job of the rich and beautiful April Penfield, who tragically ends her life in an unforeseen suicide smack in the middle of Beverly Hills. Gracie, hired by April’s father to unravel April’s motivation for sailing herself into perpetuity, finds herself steeped in Hollywood misfits, liars, intrigue and secret societies.


The moment I glanced at the opposing traffic light to see if it had turned yellow, April launched herself into the full six lanes of crawling street traffic. Artfully weaving around cars with horns blaring, she crossed those six lanes of traffic with absolute precision and executed a gazelle-like leap that propelled her onto the opposite curb. With long strides, she powered up to the main entrance of the Beverly Serene Hotel. A young, uniformed doorman smiled and nodded with appreciation as he opened the heavy glass door for her entrance, and she disappeared inside.
Holy crap. I bolted after her.
Receiving the same aggravated horn blowing, I weaved through the six lanes of traffic, ran up to the entrance, waved the doorman aside, and yanked the heavy glass door open myself.
Inside, the lobby was swarming with people. My heart raced from my sprint and my vision momentarily blurred as I tried to focus on faces.
I didn’t see April. All I saw were marble walls and an enormous chandelier poised over a large center table covered with a lavish floral display blocking my view of the elevators. I sprinted around the center table and passed the check-in desk. I really didn’t expect to see April standing in line, but I glanced anyway.
Approaching the elevators, I didn't see her. All the elevator doors were closed and the electronic floor digits indicated they were all stopped on various floors.
I spun around and headed back through the lobby. Racing up a short flight of steps that led to the hotel restaurant and bar area, I ignored the hostess and walked in. Patrons were seated at the huge bar downing their lunch cocktails. She wasn’t there.
The bar area overlooked the trendy dining area. Tables were buzzing with well-dressed, important business types and ladies who lunch. I scanned each table. No April.

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