Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun Time at #MFRW Summer Camp

For those of you who didn't go to #MFRW Summer Camp, you can still find information that can be helpful.

Interacting with the instructors was great, but don't let the fact that the camp is over keep you from gaining a world of knowledge.

Not only can you still go out and read the lesson on Coffee Time Romance

You can also get copies of the handout for each class.

I, personally, taught a class and I tried to look in at all the others. There was so much information to learn, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with information overload.

As, I've said many times before this is an awesome group. Not only do they help you learn new ways to market your book, they also offer a great deal of support with any question you might have.

Take a look at the handouts and see if there isn't something you can gain by having these notes and joining this group.

Have a great week,


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