Friday, July 12, 2013

#MFRW Camp - Cut the Crap

Hi everyone,

I hope you are planning to attend MFRW summer camp. It is a great opportunity to learn all sorts of things.

I'm giving a class on rewriting which is called "Cut the Crap."

If you are like me you spend almost as much time rewriting your book as you do writing your book.

Here is an outline of what I talk about in my class.

1. Fear of Revising-
  •             Losing your voice
  •             In love with your first draft
  •             Under deadline

2. Self-Editing – has two parts 

            Inside the Story - Plot, story, characters 

            Outside the story - basic grammar, word choices - using stronger verbs.

             The story -    
·         Have you written enough?

·         Is there emotion on every page?

·         Are the Five Senses felt on each page?
·         Plot line –

·         Character Development

·         Backstory

·         Pacing

Enter the editing mode 

·         Analyze and measure

·         Clean up passive writing

·         Grammar checks      

·         Final read for flow and to pull it all together. 

·         Formatting your manuscript for a particular publisher.
You'll find the schedule for all the classes here:

It is also available on the MFRW website, on our Summer Camp page, here:
In addition, it will be posted with updates on our Facebook group, here:

Classes start today at noon. All times are Eastern.
Hope you plan on joining in on the fun.

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