Friday, July 17, 2015

Peace, Love and Romance - Two More Talent Authors #PLRAuthors

Ten Tantalizing Tales Celebrating Women who Have Loved, Lost and Triumphed!



Meet the next two authors in the group:


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Dee Ernst - Dee always wanted to be a writer, but life kept getting in the way. Finally, in her forties, she thought it was time to give writing a real shot. After many rejection letters, she self-published Better Off Without Him. A Different Kind of Forever was released in April of 2012. In the spring of 2013, she signed with Montlake Publishing and launched her third title, A Slight Change of Plan, that fall. Better Than Your Dreams was self-published in August, 2014. Dee finds a lot in common with all her heroines, including living in New Jersey.


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Aubree Lane - Aubree Lane lives in the beautiful foothills of Northern California with her husband, two wonderful sons, and a super special peek-a-poo, named Tanner. When not managing the pooper-scooper, Aubree enjoys warm sand, hot sun, and the cool waters of the Pacific.

Her motto: Write Until Your Butt Hurts, and Your Eyes Are Crossed.


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About the books:


A Different Kind Of Forever - Dee Ernst (Amazon Bestselling Author)

Michael is a hot, young rock star. Diane is a single mom almost twenty years older. When they meet, the attraction is immediate. He knows she’s the real thing. She can’t ignore her feelings for Michael, but can’t see past their differences. A Different Kind of Forever is about two complicated people finding—and trying to hold on to— love.


Tahoe Blues – Aubree Lane (Amazon Bestselling Author)

When Cara finds the glitz and glitter of casino life isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, she divorces her husband, finds a new love, a new home, and new piece of jewelry around her ankle. Under house arrest for a crime she didn’t commit, Cara must rely on a zany group of misfits to help set her free.



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