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Star Trails Tetralogy Part of the Boys Are Back FB Party

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"Beyond the Hidden Sky"

"A Dark of Endless Days"

"A Psilent Place Below"

"Refractions of Frozen Time"

"The Star Trails Compendium"

Don't you just hate serials?  Doesn't it drive you crazy when you're deeply entrenched in a story then abruptly thrust to the edge of an annoying cliffhanger? Worse yet, when it means waiting months or longer before the next book comes out!

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With a box set those frustrations no longer exist. No waiting, no additional purchases, everything is right there, in this case 1500 pages of a hard sci-fi family saga adventure ready to transport you to another realm.  If you're unfamiliar with this tetralogy, you can explore the individual stories in the excerpts included with the "Book Bubbles" at the author's site on Bublish.  If you're already a fan, now's your chance to get them all for a bargain price.

Each book has been released separately to 5-star reviews.  In addition, this set includes the Star Trails Compendium with terms, definitions, and detailed background information on the stories' planetary setting.  Its physicist author has made science an inherent part of this series which the Compendium exploits in a special section for parents and educators with ready-made discussion ideas and lessons plans designed to stimulate interest in science and engineering.

Whether you're simply a hard science fiction fan or a science teacher looking for a ready-made extra credit package, this series is for you!  So what are you waiting for?  Blast off now with the Brightstar family for a gripping interstellar ride across the galaxy!
Planetary engineers known as terralogists have the technology and know-how to transform planets from barren wastes to prosperous worlds.  Laren Brightstar's reputation in this field is such he can name his own price.  But refusing to work for devious and vengeful despot, Augustus Troy, has an even higher price.
Relocating to distant Cyraria is supposed to get Laren as well as his family out of harm's way.  Instead the winds of fate place him directly in his enemy's crosshairs, the entire Brightstar family suffering the consequences as Laren repeatedly refuses Troy's brutal attempts to coerce him into his employ.

Teenage daughter, Creena, is missing, her accidental jettison to parts unknown during the move suspected to be an abduction.  Efforts to find her strengthen Troy's grip even further, the family forced to live in a primitive shelter on a planet with lethal climatic extremes.  Laren's technological savvy could save them for a while but ultimately he's imprisoned, thrusting teenage Dirck into responsibilities for which he's woefully unprepared.  Creena winds up on a primitive planet from which escape is unlikely, even as she's being pursued by evil forces she doesn't understand. 

Being reunited motivates each family member's every move, a goal thwarted at every turn as each struggles to survive.  Cyraria has several secrets, however, which the Brightstar's youngest member, Deven, discovers, eventually turning the planet from antagonist to benefactor as they face the final challenge to their very existence from hostile forces of which Troy is but another pawn.
Excertps from all four books with author commentary:
Audio Excerpt from "Beyond the Hidden Sky"
Print Copy Box Set:
Thanks Marcha for sharing and I'm looking forward to the FB Party.


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