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#EggcerptExchange To Seduce and Omega by @KryssieFortune

Meet Titus – the Soon to be Alpha of the Rock Prowler Pack.

#Eggcerpt Exchange

“You want something, Sammy? An interview for your school magazine? Well… I suppose it couldn’t hurt.”

Sammy giggled and opened up his writing book. “So, T. what’s your nickname.”

Titus: “Never had one. Not unless T. counts. You started something the first time you called me that. Now the whole pack uses it.”

Sammy blushed. “It suits you. But I said Big T. first what with you being so big and all. Anyway. Where did you go to school?”

Titus: “I planned to head to earth and do some serious study”—he shook his head—“but things went so far south it never happened. Some witch kidnapped my true-mate and I spent almost a century trying to free her.” The wolf’s shoulders slumped as he stared into the distance. After a deep breath, he added. “Not that she wants anything to do with me or the pack. I guess you can say I graduated from the school of Hard Knocks.”

Too young to understand the pain that that inflicted on Titus, Sammy shook his head. “Girls suck.”

Titus: “Only when you’re a cub. Give it a few years and you might say different. My best dream was to bond with my true-mate but she wouldn’t even look at me. Now I don’t have any dreams left.”

Sammy carefully wrote Titus’s word in his notebook. “What would you do if you won the lottery?”

Titus: I don’t waste my time on something like that.” He growled softly. “I never won anything and I can’t see my luck changing now. No, don’t write that bit down. Let’s just say I’m not hurting financially and I don’t play because I don’t need the money.”

Sammy broke off to sharpen his pencil. “And what’s your favorite food?”

Titus: Nothing tastes good anymore except whisky. No, don’t write that down either. Just put that I don’t have much appetite. I hunt and I eat whatever I can find. That’s it, Sammy. Interview over.” He stood and beckoned a group of cubs over. “Come on, time for your tracking lesson. Give me a two minute head start, and if you find me, I’ll shout the lot of you an ice-cream.”





The Rock Prowler alpha condemns Viola for her inability to shift. Forced into poverty and isolation, she ekes out a meager existence as a healer. As the pack omega with a crippled knee, she’s forbidden to mate. Her first heat beckons, but no wolf will dare to bed her.

Titus, a wolf rejected by his true mate, overflows with violence and anger. The Lykae King sends him to take over the Rock Prowler pack. He condemns Viola for wanting payment before she treats her patients and threatens to bring in a new pack healer. With her crippled knee and no other income, she’d starve.

She-wolves from families who disagree with the alpha have vanished. When Titus investigates, the alpha’s allies imprison both him and Viola. To escape, he must seduce Viola—the she-wolf he insulted and reviled. If that’s not bad enough, she despises him for his seeming allegiance to the alpha. As he gets to know her, she steals his heart, but after all that’s happened, how can she accept him when even his fated mate refused him? 

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The Rock Prowler land called to Titus as nothing had since Jilly waltzed out of his life. Well, maybe Viola did, but he was practically engaged to Fleur—a woman he hadn’t met yet. Sometimes he wondered what had gone on in Jilly’s head. He deserved better than the cold shoulder she’d shown him. Hell, a farewell note would have been good after everything he’d given up to protect her. The occasional smile in his direction would have been better, though.

Once she’d left him, nothing had mattered. Hard as he’d tried to move on, anger and guilt boiled inside him. The only time he’d felt whole was when he’d kissed Viola, but even that brief pleasure left him racked with guilt. After the Fates bound him to Jilly, he shouldn’t lust after any other woman. He’d never been fickle before.

In return for his new wife handing him the Rock Prowler Pack on a plate, he’d give her position and power, but not his heart. That had shattered when Jilly left.

Once Titus sobered up from his year-and-a-half-long binge, King Caleb offered him a chance of a new life. Titus just needed to swallow what little pride Jilly had left him and wed the alpha’s daughter. As long as she could stand to be in the same room as him, it wouldn’t be that bad—but he’d have to get that selfish healer out of his head first.

A cart ambled down the track toward him, then pulled up at his side. The driver tipped back his hat. “Are you the wolf that found my Tansy?”

Titus wondered why the driver hadn’t flashed straight to her side. If it had been Titus’s mate lying in Viola’ hut, nothing would have kept him away, but this wolf arrived by horse and cart. Poor Tansy deserved better.

Titus bottled his anger and nodded. “I found her huddled in a murder thorn, half-conscious and whimpering in pain. I took her to your pack’s healer.”

The driver leaned closer and lowered his voice. “I’m glad she had enough sense to take refuge there. After today, I won’t let her out of my sight again in a hurry.”

Titus scowled. “Someone shot an arrow into her leg and left her to bleed out. Have you made any enemies lately?”

After an anxious glance over his shoulder, the driver gave Titus an appraising look. “I’m saying nothing, but you should watch your back while you’re on Rock Prowler territory. A wise man would hurry on to wherever he was headed and avoid the town.”

The driver’s fear hung around him in a sour-smelling miasma. Something was seriously wrong with this pack. After seeing the neglected buildings and badly farmed land, Titus knew this was somewhere he could make a difference, and he was glad King Caleb had sent him.


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