Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Attention #Authors - Looking for #free Promotion Check out #Eggcerpt Exchange

#Eggcerpt Exchange

Here's how it works:

  1. You sign up and agree to host others on your blog by leaving your email address in the comment section  here  http://authortinagayle.blogspot.com/p/authors-helping-authors-egg-exchange.html . Put your Name, Email address, genre.
2. Then email others on the list and let them know that you are interested in doing an exchange
    • Give dates you have available to host them.
    • Please put Author Exchange in the subject line so they won't think you are spam.
    • Decide on dates and exchange posts.

Post should included the following information:

  • Title should use #Eggcerpt Exchange. (this is to make it easier to retweet) Also use #Eggcerpt no spaces if you don't put it in exactly others will not be able to retweet it.
  • Also include the graphic above.

- a link to your cover (blogger doesn't let me upload pictures anymore.) Some people prefer it as an attachment.

- blurb - less than 300 words
- excerpt - less than 500 words
- Purchase links not more than 5
- author short bio - 100 words or less.
- author links - no more than 5

Now you might be asking why should I or anyone do this.

  1. Because it gains exposure to your books.
I personally have
  • over 45 K followers on Twitter
  • I'm on Triber and my post are retweeted by others which claims over a million more people are reached (but I have no way to confirm this number)
  • my blog is shared on social networks- FB, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • If you use the #in the title your post can be easily retweeted by other people involved in the author exchanged.

Add in other authors that also have twitter, goodread and facebook accounts and you increase the exposure for your book.

The Exchange starts  (Feb. 28 - April 16) Check back daily for others who have signed up for the exchange.  ****No one will be allowed to join after  March 25

If have any question or problems email me. tina9561@yahoo.com subject  #Eggcerpt

Thanks for letting me share your book with the world,


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