Monday, August 21, 2017

Looking for a Place to #Market Your #Book

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Today I invited Riley to my blog to tell you about Good  A site for both readers and authors.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to GOOD EBOOKS, not your everyday, ordinary, boring website !


The 'GOOD EBOOKS' website is totally different!

'GOOD EBOOKS' not only provides the reader with a wide gamut of good eBooks and good books, but also provides an unlimited selection of fresh, new eBook and good book titles by fresh, new authors ! We have over 300 author associates.


As you know, if you have visited us before, we have a mission, one aspect of which is to assist all authors, especially upcoming emerging authors with their marketing endeavors.

'GOOD EBOOKS' maintains 5 free web pages, "More Reads", "More Reads 2", "Biblical Gold", "Kidz World", and "Poetry" - dedicated to absolutely FREE ads. Together, these 5 webpages house totally free ads, each running for at least 30 days, and even some which will never expire.

Why not visit us today and find a great read or set up an ad for your book?

          Thank you for your interest and support in GOOD EBOOKS at any level.
See  for our current newsletter.

Take care, and all the best,


I have worked with Riley a number of times and always found him help and responsive.

Hope you check it out and maybe do a free ad.


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