Friday, May 3, 2013

Avoiding the Second Punch of the Time Monster

Peat and Repeat were seating on a wall.
Peat fell off.
Who’s left?

How many times did it take you to get tire of this joke?

Well, life feeds us the same type of comedy.

We repeat many of the same task over and over until we are ready to scream for it to stop.

So if you haven’t guess by now, my next tip for saving time is -- don’t repeat the same job task.
(Some things are worth repeating. Hey, I’m a romance writer. Couldn’t help but throw in that line.)
Now back to business.
  • Create program macros – that automate your work.
My favorite macro is F10 on my keyboard. It does spell check for me so I don’t have to go through all the keystrokes to check my document.
  • Reuse information – don’t rewrite a letter over and over.
All writer use this went we send out query letters. Write once send to seven or eight different editors.
  • Create document templates.
I do this when I create worksheets. I have one that I use when I do my rewrites that identifies all the items I want in a scene.
  • Learn shortcuts
Forgot to set something out for dinner, hey make reservations or drop by the deli in your local grocery store. Either way it’s one least thing to worry about.
  • If people are asking you the same questions over and over. Create a frequently asked question document.
Don’t do this yet, but once I get my website up I will probably add it to my site.
As always look for ways to let the wind fill your sails and carry you forward, don’t keep trying to row that boat.

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