Friday, May 17, 2013

Romantic Tip for the Weekend

Music is a must to have a wonderful evening.

It helps set the mood.

Make sure to plan ahead.

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One way to add romance to your life is to add it to your calendar.

Plan a day out, a picnic, a night out, a walk in the park.

Like everything else in our lives we need to schedule time for the things we love. Why not for our love ones?

Put it on your calendar and enjoy some time with the one you love.

No points system.

Just because you do something nice for your lover --doesn't mean you will "score some points."

It's not good for a foot rub, or a night out.

Do things for the ones you love because you want to and you'll both be happier.

Have a romantic weekend in your own back yard. Steaks on the grill, a little sunshine, a bottle of wine, life is good.


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