Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometimes We Need to be Stubborn

At certain times, the need to drive through a difficult situation shows us that it takes a stubborn attitude to succeed.

For me, this hits whenever I get to the last part of the book I'm writting. I know how I want it to end. I see the finish line ahead, but my energy to complete the task wanes. I want to start something new, I need to work on the synopsis, there's a book I want to read, etc. A million and one other things suddenly sound so much more enticing than writing that final chapter.

This is where a stubborn desire to get the job done, pulls me through. Makes me sit in the chair, type the words and finish the book.

Once I'm done, then that persistant little donkey in my head lets me rest. I'm free to work on all those other tasks and get on with life.

So as much as you might dislike your stubborn streak, be glad you have it. Because when you really need it, your little donkey is what helps you get the job done.


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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I am not so good at being stubborn ... I have half finished everythings everywhere! Well done you though :0)