Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Draw a Picture for 2013

Happy New Year
Now what do you want to achieve in the 2013?

Can you picture it?

Know what it’s like to have it?

As some of you know, I wanted to be an author. For  six years, I  thought of little else when it came to my career. I took classes to learn what I needed to know. I joined groups with other writers to learn about the business. I sat at my computer and plugged away at the keyboard.

I got my first contract on Christmas Eve 2006.

The three step process that helped me realize my dream is simple.

Know what you want. (This is not a broad scope like I want to be happy.) What types of things make you happy? A job, a mate, a new car, more money, you have to work on defining your objective.

Next, draw the picture in your head and put yourself in the environment to realize your dreams.

I joined groups that had published authors. I learned what they do, and don’t do. I found that I was just like them. I began to see myself as an author. I told people I was a writer. (This was a big step because I was committing myself to my dream, and if I failed. I had to face my friends and family. If for no other reason than this, I couldn’t fail. I had people sharing my dream.)

Believe. This I feel doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work at it, tweaking the picture in your head, following the opportunities you’ve found, narrowing the picture to be exactly what you want. By knowing what you want and keeping your eye on your destination, you begin to see that it is possible. You begin to feel as if you will make it. The dream can be a reality. You know in your heart that it will happen. You believe.

Homework: sit down and write out what could make you happy. Then work out a plan to get you there. Use these three simple steps.
    Define your goal
    Picture having it
    Believe in your heart that you will get it.

    Best of luck in the new year...you can do it.


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