Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tina's Brain Freeze - Preview of Summer's Growth

We have fifteen thousand things we wanted to do. Is it any wonder we forget a few?

I try to get up a new blog at least three times a week. Yesterday, I intended to put up something but my brain got caught up with everything else that is going on in my life and I forgot.

I believe also the weather doesn't help. When it is cold I don't want to do anything. I have a book coming out at the end of the week. Summer's Growth - the story happens in spring in Ohio.

Now, some of you might be asking how do I know what Ohio is like?

I had the pleasure of living there for several years and even attended Ohio State University. Graduated there even. No, I didn't get my degree in writing, MIS.

So now for yesterday's blog today.

I wanted to share some of the delete scenes from my release coming out Friday.

These scene are not in the book.

For one reason or another I decided to cut them.

Forget any grammer errors, seeing as they weren't going to be in the final product they may not be perfect.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into the writing process and enjoy reading the scenes that end up on the floor so to speak.

No postage. No return address.    

At one in the morning, exhausted from a late shift at work and a full day at school, Amber’s brain wasn’t functioning. Blinking, she could only stare at the crisp white envelope with her name scrawled across the center.

Who could have sent it and why? How did it get here?

A light breath of air scented from the jasmine bush outside her window, brushed past her face.  She studied the room looking for anything that might be out of place. Ms. Molly, her doll, sat on the bed against the pale yellow pillows. Her book bag lay by the door, where she’d dropped it moments ago. The rest of her mail was scattered across her dresser, unopened.  Her room was in order, everything where it should be.

Strangely, this didn’t reassure her. Normal, by the pure ordinary perception of sameness, could be extremely scary.  She could picture a character in one of her favorite horror films. Envision the man with a knife hiding behind a door.  

With a quick glance over her shoulder, she controlled her rash thoughts.  The letter claimed her attention, again.

     Silly, why not just open it instead of letting it freak her out?  With determination she tore it open.

     Inside she found an airline ticket to Columbus, Ohio and a stiff white sheet of paper monogrammed with a W across the top.  The short message sent her mind reeling with unanswered questions.

Dear Amber,

     We are happy to inform you that as a distant Winston relative you have been chosen to inherit the family estate. There are, however, a few conditions. First, you are required to travel to the family property located in Newark, Ohio. 

Here, your qualifications will be assessed.  If you meet our strict guidelines, then we will discuss the final arrangements for you to receive your inheritance.  We have sent along an airline ticket. There will be a driver waiting for you at the Columbus airport.



Amber Harrison read the letter several times. What distant relative would want to leave her their property? And why didn’t an attorney just call her?

Unease chilled her. Was she a target of a joke, or some elaborate scam?

     Amber’s sleep deprived brain fumbled for clues. Perplexed, she examined the airline information.  Made out in her name, the first class ticket represented a one-way fare to Columbus, Ohio with a departure date of May sixteenth.

     Well, at least, that was a clue. Whoever this Jonathan was, he wanted her there in seven days.

     Expensive practical joke—that is, if it was a practical joke—but it might make for a nice summer holiday.

A low sound tore briefly past her senses. Amber paused, listened. The low hum of traffic, tires speeding over rough pavement, registered in the background of her mind. No other noise caught her attention.

She threw the letter on the dresser. None of this made any sense. She didn’t even know if she had relatives in Ohio—not ones that wanted her to visit…much less inherit their estate.

     She didn’t have time to think about this. Her geology final for the spring semester was tomorrow, and no one, at least no one with a sane brain, wanted to repeat geology.

“Meow,” Amber jump. A repeat of claws scratching down a limb echoed through the room.

“Tiger, go home.” Her neighbor’s cat was out again and Amber’s imagination was in overdrive.

On her way to brush her teeth and get ready for bed, the bizarre request of the letter nudged at her thoughts, interrupting her normal routine.

     By the time her head hit her pillow, she’d decided to question her parents.  With her monthly visit this weekend, they might be able to help her identify some of their relatives in Ohio.

And it would save her from having to talk to them about who she wasn’t dating and all the reasons why.

     Sleep lulled her into a new world. 

Bright green grass waved with a gentle summer breeze. Sunny wild flowers played among the knees of two children. Drawn into the dream, Amber experienced the joy of the small girl with blonde curls.  She danced around the young boy watching her.

“Let’s pick wild flowers and take them to nana.”

Coming out in ebook at amazon and smashword Feb.1.

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