Sunday, July 22, 2012

Could The Killing Spree in Colarodo be...

First, let me say I'm not trying to defend the man who did this. The pain this man has caused is unthinkable. My heart goes out to the victims, their family and friends, the other people in theatre, and everyone involved. It is a terrible tragedy.

For that reason, I like thousands of other people am trying to make sense out of something that makes no sense.

So I turn to logic and recall past crimes of this type.

In other killing sprees of this nature, the killer usually turns the gun on himself or gets in a fight with the police and dies. That is not the case in this situation. Why?

The murderer turned himself in.

Okay, what possible motivation could he have for doing this? Did he want to go to jail? Or did he have some other objective?

So I turned to his background. He's a graduate student, who has just ended his college career, and according to reports by the press, he has studied human behavior. Then why would he do this appalling thing to other young people?

I need a logical reason so...

Could it be an elaborate doctoral experiment?

No, the man is just crazy or just insane.

Or is he?

Please tell me I'm wrong because I don't want to think a twisted mind will this as an excuse for murdering innocent people.



Kathleen Rowland said...

Hey Tina, I'm glad you brought this up because the shock is overwhelming. My dad, when living was a psychiatrist and neurologist, and said insane individuals can appear normal much of the time. As you do, I'm greatly saddened for the victims, their loved ones, and all involved.
Kathleen Rowland

Tina Gayle said...

Thanks Kathleen for comment. I believe we are all sadden by what happened.