Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some things to think about when

you're writing that next best seller.

  1. Feel it – if you can’t feel aroused or excited by your writing. How can your reader?
  2. Rewrite – cut unneeded prepositional phrase. “He caressed her shoulder with his hands.” (Is this really needed?)
  3. Senses – use taste and smell to add depth to your writing. “The smell of rose reminded him of ….”
  4. Quirks – have at least one character with an interesting quirk. “He popped a life-saver into his mouth. The sweet taste of cherry filled her taste buds when their mouths met.” Sprinkle these throughout the book to define your character.
  5. Setting – add it a little at a time like you would introduce a new character with faults and quirks.
Just a few things to remember,


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