Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Review for Fallen Evermore

Set along the California coast, FALLEN EVERMORE pairs sensuous interracial romance with chilling paranormal suspense.   Author Kathleen Rowland has penned an engrossing thriller that will keep you guessing through the end. A string of homeless men are buried up to the neck in sand.  Residents pay close attention when the latest victim is a high school dropout. Like others trapped below the high tide mark, the teenager should have drowned, but he is alive when found weeks later.  A strange bacterial infection found in each of the victims baffles doctors and angers the group of immortals that live quietly among the small town’s citizens.  Secret immortal Mayor Cord Smith knows the reason for the victim’s survival is their immortality as they drown repeatedly without the release of death.

Filipina attorney Sophia Marie Mercola’s successful acquittal of a known thief has the town outraged.  Her client’s release coincides with the latest attack, and the good citizens are now convinced she knows the cruel brute leaving his dirty work along the beach.  The anger directed at Sophia brings her to the attention of Cord Smith, the handsome young mayor and father of Sophia’s student at a volunteer tutoring center.  Cord protects Sophia, but his desire is shadowed by his immortality. In a small town, everyone and everything seem intertwined.  When the ‘coincidences’ start adding up, Sophia digs further into her clients’ backgrounds, and finds a connection with Cord’s first wife, his daughter’s mother.  No one suspects the sadist who is a victim himself as he and his atrocious friend target Cord's daughter Kerrigan.  Will Sophia get there in time?

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Kathleen Rowland said...

Tina Gayle, I appreciate the review you posted for FALLEN EVERMORE. My hat is off to you!
Kathleen Rowland