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@Katewoodsonline has "Faith in Avalanches"






Who is Kate Woods? You don’t know...? Well let me introduce you to her. She’s an Eclectic Writer from the Pittsburgh Area of Pennsylvania who likes to dabble in this and that - including writing in several different genres.  Kate Woods is a creative writer who is the author of a riveting new novel – Faith In Avalanches - But don’t take my word for it read it and decide for yourself!













When Julietta Christopher, Esq. has had enough of being poisoned by the depraved heart indifference of deceitful men and scheming sluts, she ignores propriety and the legal system she knows so well and takes matters into her own hands. You see she realized she had no choice – Because depraved hearts cannot be mended – they must be DESTROYED!   Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Cheaters, and Liars, were destroying the lives they touched like a tornado destroys everything in its path.  No one was safe from their emotional torture and their depravity – Not her Clients – Not her Friends – Not her Family. She had unshakable faith in avalanches and their inevitability and was certain an avalanche was building above them. It was time to take action. She knew that Karma would prevail in its own good time; but she was impatient. It was time to give Karma a little help...and she was ready!


Chapter 1


The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. But you can’t really look into someone’s eyes and see their soul. You can, however, look into someone’s eyes and feel uneasy if they are deep, dark and depraved. Depraved eyes shield a psychotic mind and a depraved heart. I recognize those evil eyes now when I see them, and I also know now, without a shadow of a doubt, that depraved hearts cannot be mended – they must be DESTROYED…


That bastard Zak Jaxon has those depraved eyes. He also has all the accompanying bad behavior that goes along with them. His eyes, like Gabriel’s eyes, deliver the same message over and over to one unsuspecting female after another. With their direct searing stare they seem to speak—Love me NOW. There’s no time for doubt– NOW. I will hurt you and mislead you if you let me, but I don’t want you to fear me – YET! There’s plenty of time for fear and heartbreak - LATER. It’s time for some bad ass crazy making – NOW; and I will make you crazy – CRAZY JUST LIKE ME! … And I WILL break your heart! You CANNOT ignore me. YOU WILL LOVE ME NOW!


Oh yes, I recognize those eyes instantly when I see them now. My dear dead husband Gabriel had those eyes! He’s dead, yet sometimes when I wake up, for an instant, I think Gabriel is leaning over me, staring at me. I open my eyes and his eyes are locked into an unblinking stare with mine. His face is so close to mine that I even think I hear him whispering to me in hushed sensual tones like he used to do. My heart beat pounds in my ears as I go into a full blown panic attack. I quickly close my eyes and I make a conscious effort to breathe. ... How can one man have such a dramatic effect on someone after so many years?


I Julietta Diamond Christopher, Esquire, who can take on powerful male attorneys in a courtroom, can still be made to cower under the covers in my bed when I think of the face of the man I had married. I’m angry at myself for my own inability to control my reactions and the fact that this man still haunts me. Why can’t I forget his face? Why can’t I forget his eyes? Why can’t I forget him? Why can’t I forget how he looked? His appearance completely masked his cold-hearted indifference for anyone’s feelings – for my feelings… Why can’t I banish him from my dreams? Why am I still so haunted by his memory? Why? Why? Why?


I know now that people aren’t always who they appear to be. Appearances can be deceiving. What you see isn’t always what you get! I learned that the hard way. Gabriel looked like an angel, but I found out all too quickly, that he definitely was not one...























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