Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Tarthian Empire Companion by @Kayelleallen

I'm getting ready to release a new book, The Tarthian Empire Companion. This is a non-fiction illustrated book that features details from my personal "story bible" and notes on creating the universe for my books. It has the 10k+ years of future history I wrote, details about the Sempervians (my immortals) not shown in any book, and some history on the names of characters. Every named character in any book is listed, plus the book in which they are mentioned. Many other details will be there too.

If you'd like a preview copy of the Tarthian Tour part of the book (also illustrated), let me know. I have it in pdf format only. It's 23 pages. To grab your copy, download it here.

One other goodie you might like to have -- Secret Societies. It's a one page peek at the 4 different types of immortals in my universe and their supporters. A scorecard of who's who. I hope you enjoy these.

The Companion is due out mid to late August. It will be bundled into the Tales of the Chosen boxed set as a free fourth book, and also made available as a single download.

Kayelle Allen
Author of The Tarthian Empire Companion -- 10k years of future history and more

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