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Keywords - They Can Help #Authors SEO by Kayelle Allen @KayelleAllen #tips #marketing

Good Keywords for Author SEO

Authors need good keywords for blog posts, books, marketing, even writing newsletters. SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization, is all about writing and content searchable by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. After all, if no one can find you, what good will it do to write material anyway? To be found, authors need good keywords and good SEO.
Included in this post is a shot of the Yoast SEO Wordpress plugin used on my personal site. I use this plugin on each post. This is one I used for a post called How to Leave A Review (which I'll mention again below).

On my personal site, in each post, I use the following:

A focus keyword.
For ex, a phrase that includes the genre, book or character name, or a descriptive phrase. On one of my posts, titled "How to Leave a Review" I used "leave a review" and repeated it in the title, url, H2 heading, and the body. By the time I'd finished it was there 13 times total. Anyone searching for info on how to leave one, when to leave one, where to leave one, etc. would be likely to find it.

This is generally the same as above. The slug is what the words at the end of the url are called. Mine was leave-a-review (after the ) Making it the same as the focus word strengthens the SEO.

Meta Title / Meta Description
I use Wordpress, and have a plugin called Yoast SEO that allows me to choose the meta title and description. I don't have that on Blogger. When you Google something, you know the words in bold that come up and show you a title? That's the meta title. The words beneath it are the meta description. If you can't specify, then Google (and other search engines) pick up the post title and about 150 characters of the first paragraph.

Title and hashtags
I try to match the focus keyword and then research the best hashtags on

H2 Header
Match your focus keyword somewhere on the page in an H2 heading.

Because it owns YouTube, Google loves videos from there. Use the focus word in the description and/or header of that.

Call to action
Generally, I plan my call to action first, and then write the post to showcase that. I want people to leave a review of my book, so I pulled it in as examples in the entire post about how to leave a review. Then I asked if they had left one no matter who's or where, to share the link. It got a ton of views, but no comments. Typically, I get far more views than comments, so it wasn't a surprise.

Image alt tags
On my personal site, I highlight the title of the post and paste that into the alt tag line of each image in the post.

Featured Image
In Blogger, you usually see the first image when you post a url on Facebook or Twitter. With Wordpress, you can pick the exact image you want, even if it isn't in your actual post. When the meta title and description go up on Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., that is theimage that goes with it.

Other minor things to watch:
Use one category only. This is like the folder in the filing cabinet. It can only go in one at a time. Exception: On RLFblog, I use two categories when the author does an interview. One for the type of interview, and one for the type of book. This lets readers search for both.

Use keywords that are genre specific, book specific, topic oriented. Don't change wording and spelling on these. Keep them simple so readers can easily click the tag and find everything in the topic. For ex, don't use the word book plus the word books. One or the other.

That's pretty much what I do. It's working very well.

If you use Wordpress, get the Yoast SEO for Wordpress plugin. It will teach you these very things. If you do them, your article is going to be much more findable by search engines. Use the checklist, and write good content that contains information people want to find. It's that simple.

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Thanks Kayelle for letting me share this with my readers.


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