Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#AuthorQuote by Richard Brawer

"I couldn’t understand why the Lord had let my life turn out so well, until they sent Thomas to prison for twenty-five years."
by Richard Brawer
From: The Nano Experiment (Cover attached)
The Nano Experiment is a high concept thriller where a wrongly convicted woman escapes from death row and evades the FBI, escapes from the Coast Guard and battles a private security force to uncover the evidence that will prove her innocence. “Eileen Robinson is a sympathetic, engaging character.  She is a tortured soul, but has hope for reuniting with her children and clearing her name.  You root for her from the beginning.”  Tim Sheard, author of the Lenny Moss crime novels.
Read the book jacket, all the reviews and an excerpt from where the one line came from at: www.silklegacy.com
The Nano Experiment is available on Kindle and any e-reader, computer, Apple or Android device that has a Kindle app, or any table that can access Kindle books. Here is the link to the amazon page:

Richard Brawer

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