Friday, September 6, 2013

Only Two Days Left to Get @authorTinaGayle #Free Read

A busy week for me with my birthday and a free read. I hope you have taken a moment to download my book.
Next week will be much calm with life getting back to normal.
But then what is normal?
The last book in the series should be coming out in the Spring of 2014.
Amazing how far out things are scheduled in the Publishing world.
Have a wonder weekend and if you need something to read...
Do I sound like a broken record?
Oh, well here is a new excerpt and the buy link
Vince shifted his stance and pinned her against the counter, his hands falling to her waist. “I see now. I'm the one who should be afraid.”
Sylvia pressed her hands against his chest and stared into his face. His dark brown eyes held a twinkle, not of amusement, closer maybe to desire. “You know that is so not true.”         
“Do I?” He edged forward, his legs framing hers. The heat radiating from him ignited her nerve endings from her head to her toes. Need seeped from her core.
Singed by the contact, she reminded herself that even though he didn’t possess the Casanova traits of a true Latin lover, he still had the alluring magnetism of one.
“You're one sexy lady. If you chose to turn on the charm, I'm sure you'd have me under your spell in less than a black-eyed minute.”
The strong beat of his heart played against her palms and she struggled to think. His words didn't make any sense. “Vince, I have a daughter in college.”
“Yes, and she's not at home.” He leaned in and whispered, “Do you invite men over and have your way with them?”
Sylvia’s knees wobbled and she forced out, “No, I...”
He dropped butterfly kisses on her jaw. “You prefer instead to tempt...” His lips caressed her neck, “and tease...” He nibbled on her ear, “until they beg.”
Sliding her hands to his shoulders, she fought the hunger building inside. How long had it been since she’d felt compelled to diving into a man and taking what she wanted? “Vince, you need to stop.” 
“Sweetheart, I wish I could.” He pulled back, his hot gaze meeting hers briefly before he covered her lips with his.
The shock of a man kissing her should have jumped started her muscles into fighting for freedom. Instead, the soft touch of his mouth melted her resistance and she marveled at the tender caress.
Again, he used light strokes, and the tip of his tongue played against the seam of her lips, begging for entrance. She couldn't hold back, not when it felt so good and opened to his questing advance.
He explored every crevice, finding insanely sensitive areas she didn't even know existed. Each caress of his tongue elicited a reaction, a moan, a movement of her hands into his hair, a tilt of her head. He seemed to feed on each and dove even deeper.
The firm stroke of his tongue had her whimpering and he drew her into his chest. His body tight against hers, he rocked his hips. The hard line of his erection hit her abdomen and more liquid heat seeped from her core.
A sudden urgency for air broke through the sensual haze she'd fallen into and she broke free from his lips.
Vince transferred his kisses to her jaw, over her cheek and paused near her ear to nibble.
Gasping for air, Sylvia fought to remember where she was, how she got here and then why had she let things go so far. She shifted back a mere millimeter, yet he seemed to notice her withdrawal and drew her back. “Vince, I...”
He smiled and smoothed his hands over her back. “Don't tell me you didn't enjoy kissing me because I'll never believe it.”
Her gaze automatically fell to his lips. How could simply staring at his face give her so much pleasure? Turn her inside out?
Have a great weekend,

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