Saturday, November 1, 2014

Buy The Book Black Friday - An Author Event #MFRWAuthor


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Date:         November 1, 2014
Kill Date: November 29, 2014
Attn:          Books, Arts, and Business sections
Contact:    Mari Christie
Artwork:   High-resolution graphics available on request


“Buy Your Buddy’s Book Black Friday” urges friends and family to put their loved ones’ self-published and small-press books on the holiday shopping list.


Denver, CO (and online) – The explosion in independent and small press publishing has created new tools for authors to disseminate their books, but leaves most unable to stand out in an oversaturated marketplace. To add insult to injury, friends—even family—encourage the author by saying, “I’ll buy it when it’s finished,” or “I can’t wait to read it,” but once the final product is released, for one reason or another, don’t get around to making a purchase that probably costs less than a latte.


This year, Buy Your Buddy’s Book aims to act as a widespread social media reminder to the loved ones of indie authors, whose single purchase may make all the difference to a disheartened writer. When planning for the biggest shopping day of the year, it is time to make an author’s holiday brighter by increasing sales, even by just one book.


Centered on Facebook and Twitter, Buy Your Buddy’s Book will disseminate pre-designed and user-submitted memes in the weeks leading up to “Black Friday,” as well as customizable graphics for individual titles. On November 28, participants will be encouraged to tweet about their purchase, using the hashtag #BoughtTheBook.


Buy Your Buddy’s Book premade and customizable memes for Twitter and Facebook can be downloaded at Google+ and, and regular campaign updates can be viewed at Twitter handle @BuyTheBookNOW.


For further information about Buy Your Buddy’s Book, please contact Mari Christie or by email at or

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