Friday, September 8, 2017

Do You Drink Enough? #TinaTidings #Health and #Travel

Welcome to This Week's #TinaTidings 

Once a week, I tried to catch everyone up on what's going on in my world.
Sometimes I do better than others. 

So this week, I celebrated my birthday.  Thanks to everyone for their happy birthday wishes.

I had an awesome day.... one more day down and a lifetime to go.

Then while giving my wonderful husband a hug, I fainted to my even though, he is incredible guy this doesn't normally happen. So we googled why this might have occurred.

It seems I was dehydrated.

So I'm lifting a glass of water regularly these days, here's to another 5 glass to go for today.

Even though, I'm joking about this. It is important to get enough water to stay hydrated. I was feeling sluggish and tired. I thought it was because I was recovering from our trip. I added water to daily routine and I'm feeling much better now. Glad, we figured it out.

Next, I had a great time signing up for my NFL fantasy team. The draft was quick and easy. I'm very lucky that my son's runs the league and the other guys don't mind me being in the league.

Hopefully, I'll be about to make it to the finals this year.

To continue with some of my pictures from Canada, here is one from the national park near Jasper. As you can see the smoke from the fires on the western side of 
Canada was seen miles from their sources.

Still, it is a beautiful place that we really enjoyed seeing.

Until next week be safe and best to you and yours,


PS. love comments so don't be shy about telling me about your weekly adventures.

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