Friday, September 1, 2017

Take Me Away To Canada #TinaTidings #Travel #ASMSG @rmountaineer

As I told you last week, my husband and I decided to return to Canada for our anniversary. So this time instead of going skiing, we decide to see more of this beautiful country. Unfortunately, there were a number of fires in western Canada which hit the awesome view.

Still, it is a wonderful place with amazing people. We took the trip with the Rocky Mountaineer Train from Vancouver to Kamloop and onto Jasper, then we traveled by bus to Lake Louise, Banff, and ended in Calgary. It was a fabulous trip where we saw amazing sights and met some awesome people from all over the world.

We had amazing views.

The day from Vancouver to Kamloop, we spent the entire day relaxing on the train as the world passed outside out window. Then when we arrived in Kamloop, which is a small town known for hosting all sorts of sports completions, we had our bags waiting for us in our hotel rooms. It is nice not having to deal with luggage.

So have you taken a train ride some where exciting? Love to hear about it.

Have an awesome weekend, and come back next week to hear about more of my trip to Canada.


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