Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Other Side of @AuthorTinaGayle

People have many interest. Author are no different. Not only are we moms, dads, and career minded people, we also have many diverse interest.
I believe this is very important for authors because it helps them create vivid pictures of their world for their readers.
Also by having a variety of activities, an author can allow their imagination to discover new ideas and form new perspective on old themes.
These hobbies can be anything from sports, to travel, to digging in the back yard. Each task sends our mind in a new direction. It also gets an author out of their own head and back into the world around us and providing our imagination with new fuel for our stories.
As readers, sometime we believe author are as twisted as their stories. Maybe, we are or maybe we just see the world in a different way.
Whatever the case maybe, I encourage authors and readers to take the time to enjoy the other side of life. You never know how these things might enhance other areas of your life.
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