Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A #NewRelease - Fling -- Box Set of 7 Authors #NewAdultFling

Fling BoxSet photo fling_box_set_mockup_v5_zps2ldnlg96.jpg So excited to tell you about the box set, I'm doing with 7 other authors. Fling is a collection of sweet romances. Romantic twists, turns, and comic mishaps abound! Will these couples find love-- and discover who they are really are-- before their stories end?

Entangled Summer by Michele Barrow-Belisle They say our dreams mask hidden secrets. Secret desires. Secret fears. Secret lives. 20 year old Nora Dultry’s dreams hide even more. They’re a gateway to the man of her dreams and an escape from her painful past. She’s fantasized about him for years, and when he magically walks into her summer teaching gig, she never dreamed she’d question whether he was the one she truly wanted. But her former fling Troy Belassaro doesn’t just own Wanderlust Academy... he’s her boss, he still has her heart strings tied in knots, and he’s hiding secrets of his own. One of them will be her dream come true, one her waking nightmare. Untangling the truth could make this summer job, her last.  

Love Me Like You Do by Bonnie Bliss writing as L. Kirk After being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend on Valentine's’ Day Daisy Philips jumps to the defense of mysterious loner, Jason Lancaster. Jason hasn’t spoken to anyone since he came to the High School three years ago. But that day he speaks to Daisy.

Daisy is a dancer with her heart set on Juilliard, but a family secret threatens that path. Jason is a lost soul with a path that halted three years ago. Together they create a friendship that quickly turns to romance. But a tragedy in Daisy’s life pulls them apart.

Will Jason follow Daisy to claim the love that brought him back to life and mend both their broken hearts?  

Chase by Elena Dillon Rylan Maguire has run from a dangerous situation to start her life over but she didn’t count on finding Chase Sullivan or falling for him so quickly. When their pasts tangle squarely in the present will fear win out or will her newfound courage hold?  

My Best Friend’s Ex by Tina Gayle She loved him first, but her best friend married him. Now, with their divorced Brooke must choose between her best friend and the man of her dreams.

Brooke Janson has loved Garrett Sawyer since she met him on her first day of high school. Now, he’s free to love her too. Except, his ex-wife happens to be her best friend.

How can Brooke choose between a friend she’s known since kindergarten and the man her heart wants?  

The Good Girl by Tracy Reed Gabriella Townsend has been patiently waiting for her dream job. When she’s presented with the dream, it’s not exactly what she was expecting. She was hoping to work her way up the corporate ladder. Instead, one phone call and an office number on a slip of paper, lands her on the executive floor.

After a month working for the elusive, handsome and sexy, Phillippe Marchant, he offers her a life changing assignment…the position of “girlfriend.” Terrified of her feelings for him and the possibility of losing her job, she’s not sure what to do.  

Betrayal at Crater’s Edge by Kathleen Rowland Marchand LaFond is in control: his spy mission, his rules. After a suspicious betrayal by a friend, he knows this time, he needs help to dispose of deadly nerve agent. The person he trusts most is his former girlfriend, Yardley Van Dyke. She trusts him with her life but not her heart. Nothing is as simple or complicated as his perfect kiss.

Under the uncharted sulfurous clouds on Venus, they get closer to answers—and play to win as they get closer to each other. Will they find the poison before Vito Savage annihilates those who get in his way?  

Random Acts of Violet by Geralyn Corcillo Quietly independent Violet Parker is enjoying an uneventful summer of house-sitting, writing her thesis, and working to make ends meet. But suddenly a kid gets dumped on her doorstep, something keeps going bump in the attic, and most disturbing of all, Noah Swardguard shows up to lead a summer football program.

Noah has never succeeded in getting close to his reserved lab partner Violet. But when he sees her on campus in July—in charge of a little girl who makes her laugh and live a little—he wonders if maybe, just maybe, he has a chance with Violet Parker after all.

Find at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Fling-New-Adult-Box-Set-ebook/dp/B00Y5X8H9Y  

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