Monday, June 22, 2015

The Good Girl by Tracy Reed - #NewAdultFling

The Good Girl Part One by Tracy Reed is part of the Fling Box Set coming out June 30


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Gabriella Townsend has been patiently waiting for her dream job.  When shes presented with the dream, its not exactly what she was expecting.  She was hoping to work her way up the corporate ladder.  Instead, one phone call and an office number on a slip of paper, lands her on the executive floor.  


After a month working for the elusive, handsome and sexy, Phillippe Marchant, he offers her a life changing assignmentthe position of girlfriend.  Terrified of her feelings for him and the possibility of losing her job, shes not sure what to do.



Tony, make sure Marcos knows to go to my place and check on things.  Have him forward anything that looks important to the D.C. office, and Ill see you on board.

            Now I was confused.  I thought Tony was the driver.  Who the crap is Marcos?  Im surrounded by strange men.  I looked down briefly.  When I raised my head, my eyes landed on a very tall, young, hot man walking towards me.  My body reacted in a way I had never experienced.  I was trembling from head to toe, and a strange sensation settled in the lower half of my body. 

            Ive never seen an executive or man that looked like this.  Most of the executives at Morgan Grant were older and definitely not this fine.  This mans skin looked like rich black coffee.  I wanted to touch his face to see if it felt as smooth as it looked.  He was wearing a light grey suit and a simple white shirt, with the first few buttons undone to reveal more of that beautiful dark skin.  He continued toward me and his spicy scent filled up the plane.  This couldnt be

            Phillippe, we finally meet.  He extended his hand and I saw his guns.  My God, every muscle in his body was at attention and now he was giving me permission to touch him. 

            Hello.  I shook his hand and a spark erupted.  No really, an electric shock. 

            Must be the carpet, he joked.

            Sir, Gil appeared. 

            Gil, thank you for taking care of Miss Townsend.  Once we get on our way, please serve lunch.  I havent eaten since this morning.  When Tony gets back, tell the pilot wheels up.  Thank you.

            Yes sir.  Gil disappeared to the rear of the plane.

            Gabriella, he looked at me and the most salacious thought crossed my mind.


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