Saturday, June 13, 2015

A #NewAdultFling Betrayal at Crater's Edge by Kathleen Rowland


                Betrayal at Crater’s Edge by Kathleen Rowland is part of the box set Fling
coming out June 30
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Marchand LaFond is in control:  his spy mission, his rules.  After a suspicious betrayal by a friend, he knows this time, he needs help to dispose of deadly nerve agent. The person he trusts most is his former girlfriend, Yardley Van Dyke.  She trusts him with her life but not her heart.  Nothing is as simple or complicated as his perfect kiss.

Under the uncharted sulfurous clouds on Venus, they get closer to answers—and play to win as they get closer to each other.  Will they find the poison before Vito Savage annihilates those who get in his way?


His interest in her swung like a pendulum.  Up. Now down. He'd moved from their dormitory-habitat, but didn't say he'd lost love. He just didn't say.
Her friend, Sharlene, told her how the wind was blowing.  As if Yardley didn't know they'd blown apart!  As if she didn't know he'd moved into the beached shuttle.
Be strong! No more checking, ogling. Be the girl who fiddles with plants. Enjoy your knack. Look anywhere but out the window. At her potting table she pushed seeds into a growth medium. Be grateful, proud. Not everyone has green thumb.  Her skill came easily, and she shared her bumper crops. Why wasn't this working?
The screen door squeaked. Do I look? She took a deep breath and expelled it slowly, wishing her heart wasn't thumping like she'd run to the canal and back.
The door slammed. "Yardley."

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Thanks Kathleen for asking me to be a part of this awesome box set.


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