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#RockingSummerRomance - The Dream Series by J.J. Dibenedetto's #MFRWauthor

Five Quickie Questions for J.J. Dibenedetto
Ice Tea or Lemonade? Iced Tea (lots of sugar!)me too. me too.
Lake or ocean? Ocean
Sandals or Flip flops? Flip-flips
Sit in the shadow of a tree or on the front/back porch? Porch
Ball cap or floppy hat? Floppy Hat

Now, for more about J.J.

J.J. (James) Dibenedetto's fans would swear he's got a sixth sense when it comes to seeing into the minds of others and often wonder if his stories could possibly be fiction. He enjoys suspending disbelief with suspenseful paranormal tales that are a perfect blend of reality meets fantasy.

His popular Dream Series continues to delight readers with each and every exciting installment.

Born in Yonkers, New York, he currently resides in Arlington Virginia with his beautiful wife and a cat he is sure has taken full advantage of its nine lives. When it comes to the cat, he often wonders, but then again it might just be his imagination.

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About the Dream Series

What if you could see everyone else’s dreams?  That’s the question Sara has to wrestle with in the Dream Series.  We first meet her as a shy, bookish college student who doesn’t think there’s anything extraordinary about herself.  And then the dreams start…

Over the course of the series, Sara learns to live with these supernatural dreams and all the trouble they plunge her into.  At the same time, she grows from a student to a practicing doctor; and from a single girl to a wife and mother.  But every time she thinks she’s got everything figured out, life – and her extraordinary dreams – teach her that she’s always got more to learn…


Blurb for Waking Dream (book 5 of the series, and probably my favorite of them)


“Oh, God! We can hurt each other. Whatever we do to each other in the dream, we’ll do it to ourselves for real…” 

When her own dreams are visited by a mysterious woman in a red dress, Sara realizes she has something she never expected: a counterpart, someone outside her family who shares her talent to see other people’s dreams. 

When the woman in red keeps showing up in other dreams as well, leaving ruined lives in her wake, Sara knows she has something she never imagined: a nemesis. 

Now, Sara must track the woman in red down in the waking world, before she’s forced to fight for her life in her dreams… 

“Waking Dream” is the exciting fifth novel in the “Dreams” series.




Where’d she go?  There was someone, I wanted – needed – to know who she was, where she was going.

It was a dream.  Brian’s dream.  And there was a woman, a woman in a red dress.  He was dreaming about a woman.  A woman who isn’t me…

No, that’s not right.  That’s insane.  Brian has never, ever given me the slightest reason to be jealous, and he never will.  Except – I was there, in his dream, and he had to hide her from me.  Right?  I was watching him give his presentation, everyone in the room was completely focused on it, they were all sitting there, mesmerized.

And then the door to the meeting room opened.  Someone inside the room opened it.  That woman, with her red? – yes, definitely a red dress.  And red shoes, with at least two-inch heels.  Not Brian’s type at all – nobody is his type, except me. 

But she wasn’t sitting at the table.  There were a bunch of his co-workers, all men, all wearing suits.  And there were a bunch of Air Force officers, and they were all wearing their uniforms.  Nobody in a dress at all.

Until there was.  And nobody else seemed to notice her.  Nobody even looked up for a second to see who was opening the door.

“Brian?”  I grab his shoulder, shake him awake.  It’s three-thirty in the morning, but I have to know. 


“You were dreaming.  Just now.”

“Let’s take a quick break,” he mutters.  He’s still mostly there.


He turns to me, his eyes slowly focusing.  “Quick break,” he murmurs again, then he finally realizes he’s not at work.  “Sara?”  Fear suddenly spreads across his face.  “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I say, too quickly.  Now he looks terrified.  “Just – you were dreaming.  Can you remember?”

He rolls over onto his back, staring up at the ceiling.  “I was – uh, in a room, a big glass room.  Giving – I was doing my presentation.  You know, the one I’ve been working on.”

“I know.  I was there.”  Now the fear vanishes, and it’s replaced by puzzlement.  “Do you remember who was there?”

“Didn’t you see?  Sara, what’s going on?”

“Humor me,” I say softly, running a hand through his hair, trying to calm him – and myself.

“Uh – just my team.  Rick and Alex and Joe and Dave.  And there were four – no, five people from the Air Force.  General Kelley was there, and the rest of them were his aides.”  He sits up, and so do I.  He’s staring hard at me.  “Sara, I don’t understand.”

Neither do I – except that I think I do, and I’m afraid to say it.  It’s impossible – but it’s impossible for me, too, and I can still do it.  “There wasn’t anybody else?”

“No.  That was it, just who I said.”

I’m staring hard right back at him, holding his eyes.  “You’re sure?  Nobody else?  Not a woman in a dress, a red dress?”

He has no idea what I’m talking about; I can see it all in his eyes.  “No.  Why would you think…?”  His jaw drops.  “No.  You don’t mean what I think you mean?”

“I saw her, but you didn’t.  Nobody else in the room did, either.  The same way that you didn’t see me, and neither did anybody else.  The way nobody ever notices me.” 

We’re both silent for a moment, then we speak the same words, exactly in unison: “Oh, my God…”


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