Monday, June 16, 2014

Tina Tidings - Writing Something

Hi everyone,

I wanted to schedule a post then forgot to write something.

Isn't this the way it is some days when you promise to write something on your book.

You have plan to spend some time writing and life gets in the way.

Or you sit down and nothing comes. You can't decide what you want to write. The scene is not going where you want it to, so you quit writing. You decided your time can be better used by doing something else.

I understand why you want you're time writing to produce great content. If your writing is clicking, then you feel as if you're making progress.

Writing less than perfect content is not bad either. I believe it is the way to make your writing grow. By writing down the story, you have a chance to get ideas on paper, then when you go back you can take the story a little farther.

I'm currently working on the last story in the Executive Wives' Club series.

Having written out an outline, I find when I write that certain events pop into my head that aren't in my outline. Usually, I add them to my story.

Example is this scene... (remember this is just part of my rough draft)

Lyndsey smiled and made a comment that drew his attention to her. Like a spotlight switching on in his head, he suddenly saw his relationship with Lyndsey from Knox’s point of view. Where Knox had made no secret about wanting to marry Marianne, Travis had made no promise to Lyndsey about the future. In fact, he suspected if he even mentioned anything other than having a short-term affair she’d bolt.

His gaze jumped back to his mother. She’d warned him not to become involved, not because of her relationship with Knox. No, she claimed it might damage Lyndsey’s relationship with her father.

Until this moment, Travis hadn’t seen how. Did Knox feel as if he no longer had a place in Lyndsey’s life too?

Shoving aside everything else but his need to protect his mother, Travis stepped forward. “Mom, if you want I can head over to Jason tonight and tell him.”

His mother turned. She laid a hand on Knox’s shoulder, moved around him, and walked forward. A sad smile covering her lips, she stepped to him, wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest.

A very intense scene -- Travis is trying to adjust to the news that his mother might have cancer.

Remember to write something. It's better than facing an empty page.

Best of Luck,


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