Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tina's Tidings - Deep Sea Fishing Adventure - A Sad Fish Story

This past week, my husband and I decide to go deep sea fishing.

For me it was a test, to see if I could be on a boat all day and not get sea sick.

Everyone claimed that if you take ginger tablet that you would not get sick...Well, I can say that is a 100% true.  Because about half way through the trip I was ready to hurl. Luckily, I had a very kind gentleman offer me a Dramamine, which did the trick.

I also had a great time. I love to fish. We caught some red fish with spikes. Told that they are very taste. I, now have fillets in my freezer.

The worst part about the trip was that you can't keep anything over a certain size. Not a problem unless you have a greedy pelican nearby.

Here, I caught a cute, little fish, "Albert." I told him I was going to let him go and he could go back and play with his friends.

When I threw him back in the ocean. "Pete," the greedy pelican, dove in and grabbed him, downed poor Albert in one gulp.

Yelling at the Pete did nothing.

So there's my fish story.

Over all, though I had a wonderful time with my shipmates and my husband.

Read more about my adventure on my website www.tinagayle.net

Hope you are having fun this summer too,


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