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A Hiss or to Kiss - Tina's Titillating Teaser by @KatyaArmock

Chloe can “talk” to animals…so why can she hear the thoughts of this hot, green-eyed man?
Abandoned by her mother and raised by a father who’d given up on life, Chloe doesn’t let anyone get close. Lucky for her, she can communicate with animals—telepathically. Animals are the only people she needs. When a suspected dogfighting ring comes to her attention, Chloe decides to do a little spying. In her rush to win the dogs’ trust, she almost gets caught.
Until a sexy stranger intervenes, and she finds she can overhear his thoughts. She’s never been able to hear people, and this man’s about as sexy as she’s ever seen. It’s more than intellectual curiosity that drives her to discover his secret: he’s a jaguar shape-shifter, and the presence of this cat among the dogs might be a bit too much to handle. But the animal attraction is just too hot to resist, and the passion between them makes both the sparks—and the fur—fly…

Jorge and I are fast asleep after our antics in bed, when I feel a wetness on my hand and I hear Ringo calling out to me.
“Chloe, wake up. I really, really, really need to pee.”
I moan and sink deeper into Jorge’s arms, pulling my hand back.
“Chloe, wake up. I’m dying here. I have to pee.”
Ugh, why won’t that voice go away? I crack my eyes open and see Ringo by the bed, prancing around, doing the doggy version of a potty dance.
Ringo starts hotfooting toward the bedroom door. “Thank goodness. I’ve got to go.”
With a sigh, I extricate myself from Jorge, which causes him to groan in his sleep. I get out of bed and throw on one of his T-shirts.
His voice is groggy. “Where are you going?”
“Ringo’s got to pee.”
He nods and closes his eyes.
Gee, thanks for the assistance. I roll my eyes as I head to the front door.
The other dogs all crowd around as I near the door. Guess Ringo was just the messenger. They all go flying out when I open the door. I send out a telepathic reminder to stay close to the house.
Suddenly I see headlights flip on, and a van pulls into the end of the driveway. Ringo, who is closest, starts to bark and lunges toward the van.
“Ringo, no, come back!” I yell at him aloud, but he keeps on going. I mentally tap him, but he is in the zone and doesn’t respond.
I watch in horror as the van door slides open and a man catches Ringo with a rabies pole and then hauls him into the back. I scream as the door shuts and the van tears out of the driveway. It peels away, dust flying in its wake.
The van is still in sight when Jorge rushes up behind me. His hair is mussed, and he’s wearing only a pair of jeans, which under other circumstances would have been a treat for me. “What happened?”

“Ringo just got pulled into the van, and they sped off.” I don’t know if I’m more pissed off or worried.

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Author Bio:
I like books that are funny and fun to read (and hot!) but also make me think or look at the world in a new way. I am influenced by magic realism, comparative mythology, and esoteric spiritual practices from around the world.
These days you’ll find me writing, pet sitting, juggling a number of freelance gigs, and reigning as my home’s domestic goddess. I live in the Midwestern U.S. with my husband, dog and cats. Alas, I have, as of yet, been unable to teach my husband how to purr.

Katya Armock
Steamy Paranormal Romance

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