Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tina's Tidings of Author Tips

As writers we have to do more than just write.

Here are a few tips for getting things done

For those of you on twitter, if you use the software Hootsuite to schedule your tweets.  I have a friend that has developed a bulk uploader that is very helpful and save  time.

Check it out at


Want to reach as many English speaking customers across the different Amazon platforms then you need one single link that will work with all of them.

Here's the answer go to http://viewbook. at/

You can create a link that you can use across the board.

Very helpful for twitter, your website, blogs, etc. (Problem finding the time to change all these links.)


Try to avoid some of these common writing mistakes.
  1. Formating
  2. Punctuasion
  3. Show vs. Telling
  4. Transition between scenes.
  5. Over description
  6. Passive writing
Over the next few weeks I'll work on explaining these more in detail.

Hope these things help,



morgan said...

Excellent list, I tweetedit, or mayb I should say retweeted.

Tina Gayle said...

Thanks I appreciate it. Hope it helps.