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Tina's Titillating Teaser - First and Again by @JanaRichards

Blurb –

Bridget Grant is back in Paradise. Paradise, North Dakota, that is.
She’s swallowed her pride and moved back to her hometown with her daughter after her divorce and the loss of her catering company. Now she’s trying to navigate the strained relationships she’d left behind – including her first love, Jack Davison.
Jack never forgot Bridget, or the day she left town – and him. When Bridget caters a lunch at Jack’s tourist ranch, old flames reignite. They have more in common than ever – Jack’s also a single parent. Though they both try to keep things casual, Bridget, Jack and their girls are starting to look a lot like a family.
But Bridget’s only planning to stay in Paradise until she’s saved enough to relaunch her business. Jack’s invested too much in his ranch to leave. And with their daughters involved both have a lot more at stake than heartbreak. How can they risk falling in love?
Excerpt –
“Oh, Jack.” She took one of his hands. “You’ve been caring for Leslie by yourself for so long you don’t even realize you do everything for her. You dress her, you bathe her, you cut up her food for her, all things she should be doing for herself. You won’t even let her ride around the ring on Molly without two people holding on to her!”
“She could fall!”
“So she falls! That’s what kids do.” She looked into his eyes and he found he was helpless to look away. “She doesn’t know how to protect herself. She has no idea how to live safely out in the world. The day I took her to the city with me, she wandered off at McDonald’s. I was frantic with worry. Finally, I discovered that she’d followed some kids out into the parking lot. She has to be taught to be wary of strangers, just like any other kid.”
“You lost my daughter in McDonald’s?” Why was he just hearing this now? What else had she kept from him?
“The point I’m trying to make is that she has to be given an opportunity to learn. She’s been sheltered to the point of it being dangerous for her. Tell me, if Leslie were ‘normal’, would you do all these things for her or would you have taught her to be more self-sufficient?”
His chest tightened with anxiety. This was territory he didn’t delve into, even on his own. “Don’t think because we slept together you’ve got any kind of right to tell me how to raise my daughter.”
She took a step back, dropping his hand. “That’s not what I was trying to do.”
“Isn’t it? You’re not Leslie’s mother, so don’t make any presumptions about her or me. Your own daughter has more than enough problems to deal with. Leave mine alone.”
He regretted his words the instant they spilled from his mouth. She stared at him a moment, hurt flickering in her eyes. Then she looked away, blinking rapidly.
“Don’t worry, Jack. I won’t presume anything.” She headed for the closet at the back door.
She pushed her arms through her jacket. “I thought I could talk to you as a friend. But I see that’s not possible. It’s too bad Leslie will have to suffer because of your stubbornness.”
She was out the door before he could reach her. He saw her run to her car and race out of his yard as if she couldn’t wait to get away.
He couldn’t blame her. He’d hit her with a couple of low blows.
But she had to understand that there was no way he was taking Leslie out of Paradise school. His chest tightened at the thought of sending Leslie away. Who would look after her, who would make sure she didn’t hurt herself?
No, Leslie was staying right here where she belonged.
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Jana Richards writes romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and historicals set in WW2. She loves to create characters with a sense of humor, but also a serious side.
Jana lives in Western Canada with her husband and a dog named Lou. She can be reached

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