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Tina's Titillating Teaser - Twenty-Five Years Ago Today @StacyJuba


Book: Twenty-Five Years Ago Today By Stacy Juba

Should we dig for the truth when Pandora’s Box is a coffin of buried secrets? Kris Langley has always been obsessed with murder. She blames herself for the violent death of her cousin when they were kids and has let guilt invade every corner of her existence. Now an editorial assistant and obit writer, Kris stumbles across an unsolved murder while compiling “25 Years Ago Today” items from the microfilm. Determined to solve the case and atone for the death of her cousin, Kris immerses herself in the mystery of what happened to Diana Ferguson, a talented artist who expressed herself through haunting paintings of Greek mythology.

Not only does Kris face resistance from her family and her managing editor, she also clashes with Diana’s suspicious nephew, Eric Soares – until neither she nor Eric can deny the chemistry flaring between them. She soon learns that old news never leaves the morgue and that yesterday’s headline is tomorrow’s danger, for finding out the truth about that night twenty-five years ago may shatter Kris’s present, costing her love, her career, and ultimately, her life.


"Do you want to stay over?" Eric asked. "It's miserable out. You could take the bed, of course. I'll take the couch."

She smiled at the red tint to his cheeks. "Thanks, I'll take you up on that, but I'll be fine out here. I don't sleep well, so I'll probably watch TV for awhile."

Kris changed into a pair of his old sweats and wandered back to the living room. Wind rattled the windows, its shriek drowning out the television. She folded her arms around the sweatshirt, wishing the baggy pants fit better. She'd hitched them up as high as they'd go.

Eric handed her a pillow, his face inches away. "I wanted to apologize for that kiss the other day. I kind of sprung that on you."

Her heartbeat rocketed in her chest. "You don't have to apologize. I liked it."

"Enough for another one?"

"Maybe. It was so long ago, I don't remember."

His mere presence overwhelmed her, made words fly out of her mouth. He turned her chin toward him and grazed his lips to hers. Her knees wobbly, she melted into his embrace. They wound up against the wall, breathing heavy, clothing disheveled. Eric stepped back and cupped her waist. She knew he was waiting for a sign.

Kris straightened her sweatshirt and tucked a hair strand behind her ear. She had to end this before they made a mistake. "Good night," she said with great effort.

 If Eric was disappointed, he didn't show it. She appreciated him even more.

"Good night," he said. "If you need anything, I'll be in the other room."


He kissed her again and retreated down the short hallway to his bedroom. Kris stood frozen. She shouldn't have come here. She wasn't who Eric thought. She wasn't who Nicole had thought, either. Kris found a movie on cable, preparing herself for a restless night.


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Stacy Juba loves to write stories about Characters at a Crossroads: individuals who are finding themselves and getting on the right life path after overcoming obstacles. Her goals are to entertain readers of all ages as well as inspire them. She has made numerous bestseller lists including GalleyCat’s Barnes & Noble Bestsellers and GalleyCat’s Mystery and Thriller Bestsellers. Stacy has written about reality TV contestants targeted by a killer, an obit writer investigating a cold case, teen psychics who control minds, twin high school hockey stars battling on the ice, and teddy bears learning to raise the U.S. flag.


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