Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Ever #MFRWauthor Party on Facebook

Participate in MFRW's First Facebook Party!
A facebook party is an event hosted through a facebook page. It has a determined amount of time, a theme and involves multiple posts by the participating authors.

MFRW is now using facebook parties as a fun new marketing tool for our members. We hope you'll join us!

Participating authors will post excerpts, PG-13 or below, share cover art, have a give away of at least one free book and interact with attendees through the posts.

So if you want to learn about some great books and win prizes stop by and join the fun.

Confirmed Participating Authors INCLUDE:
Victoria Barbour - Vicki Batman - Paloma Beck - Gemma Brocato - Candy Caine - Lisa Carlisle - Carly Carson - Margie Church - Karen Cino - Wendy Lynn Clark - Margo Bond Collins - Kandie Delley - Emerald - Candace Gold - Lily Harlem - Susan Jaymes - Mona Karel - Patricia Kiyono - Adriana Kraft - Jan Meredith - Siobhan Muir - Martha O'Sullivan - Skylin O'Thomas - Victoria Pinder - Irene Preston - Jana Richards - Christi Williams - Sabrina York

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