Monday, September 15, 2014

Mary Ann Barrucco Has A Non-Fiction Story

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Short Excerpt
Mary Ann and her husband Eddie were both twenty-two years old when they married.
this non-fiction narrative begins with naive hope, joy, and high expectations for the future.  Soon realty sets in.
Dysfunctions by the name of alcoholism, gambling, and spousal abuse play their hands.
The proverbial icing on their cake of misfortune comes when Eddie is destined to become the recipient of a heart transplant.
About Mary Ann
Mary Ann is an average middle age, middle class Italian American woman born and bred in Bensonhurst Brooklyn New York She graduated Lafayette High School and 2 days later her mother died from pancreatic
cancer. A few few months later Mary Ann met the man of her dreams.  After dating 3 years they married.
Contact Info
twitter @MBarrucco

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